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Titan2 Syringe Filters

TITAN filtration systems offer a complete selection of superior quality syringe filters for HPLC analysis, ion chromatography and dissolution testing. TITAN2 filters are produced with exceptional quality to ensure uninterrupted performance with consistent and reliable results. TITAN2 offers conveniently color-coded syringe filters in 4mm, 17mm and 30mm sizes. 1-micron glass microfiber pre-filters are included with most 30mm syringe filters for increased filtering capacity. Complementing our filters are a complete line of disposable plastic syringes, made of chemically resistant, inert polypropylene and polyethylene.

NEW! PES Filters Certified For Ion Chromatography Polysulfone filters are now certified for ion chromatography. Each lot is controlled by an ICP analysis to secure low levels of interfering background ions.

  • Titan2 syringe filter’s color-coded ID system permits easy identification
  • Polypropylene housing is solvent resistant and ultrasonically joined for strength
  • LUER LOK™ inlet allows secure connection to syringe
  • Each lot of Titan2 syringe filters is quality monitored for low UV extractables, bubble point, burst pressure, flow rate and membrane retention/exclusion
  • Available in a varity of membranes and sizes

Titan2 Syringe Filters are Quality Monitored for:

  • Low UV extractables by HPLC and spectrophotometric analysis
  • Bubble point
  • Burst pressure
  • Membrane retention/exclusion
  • Flow rate
  • HPLC performance and compatibility by standard test mixture

TITAN2 Filter Specifications

Sample Volume
Filter Size

Retention Volume
< 1mL 4mm < 7.5µL
1mL to 10mL 17mm < 25µL
10mL to 200mL 30mm < 115µL

TITAN Hot Shot™ Power Filtration System

Provides assistance when increased force is needed for difficult samples. Hot Shot Filter Cartridges offer convenient pre-assembled barrels and filters for quick and easy sample preparation with the Hot Shot gun.